Herbal Solutions

Herbal Solutions

Cannabis Dispensary in Harbor City, CA

25937 Western Ave
Harbor City, CA 90717

Today: 10:00am - 10:00pm


Gram of a top shelf...
Pipe & Grinder & Lighter
Mini Edible Cake

Come in(10am-12pm) (4pm to 7pm) (9pm-10pm) daily and check out the new HAPPY HOUR deals ! 2gs of top shelf for $25 or receive $5 off your 1/8th or get 4g weigh out on your 1/8th

Daily Specials
Monday-25% off Prerolls
Tuesday- 25% off Vape Flavors
Wednesday-25% off edibles
Thursday-25% off concentrates
Friday-25% off Vape Flavors
Saturday-Free 1/8 with OZ donation
Sunday-25% off edibles