Mankind Cooperative

Mankind Cooperative

Cannabis Dispensary in San Diego, CA

Suite 10

San Diego, CA 92121

Today: 10AM - 9PM

We were excited to open our doors as the new year was about to begin and that enthusiasm has only grown with each and every new member that we meet. Our goal is to always provide knowledgeable, friendly, and personalized service to each of our Members with each and every visit! Whether you know exactly what works for you or want to leisurely browse; you have been a Medical Marijuana patient for years or it’s your first time exploring this option; or perhaps you are seeking the finest or looking for something more donation-friendly… we are the place for you! Our Volunteers and Directors are dedicated to meeting each of your needs by continually revising our product lists and policies to be in line with the reason why we are even here in the first place… You. [...view full]