Southwest Patients Group

Southwest Patients Group

Cannabis Dispensary in San Diego, CA

658 East San Ysidro Blvd
San Diego, CA 92173

Today: 8am - 9pm

San Diego's Largest CITY APPROVED Medical Marijuana Dispensary! 7400 sqft with enormous retail floor, extensive selection, and elite service! Hablamos Español


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10% off for Veteran, Seniors, Disabled, and Terminally Ill
2 Top Shelf $15 Grams for $25!
2 Private Reserve Grams for $30!
2 Gram High-Mid Shelf for $20!
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Mix and Match Weights with Discounted Pricing!
Best Buy One Get One Strains in Town!
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Menu Item Reviews

Not a huge fan of Girl Scout Cookies, but the cross with Pineapple Master is a pleasant one. A little too harsh on the expansion (ie causing lots of coughing), but nothing dangerous. The effects are full body stone with mild/moderate pain relief. I didn't experience any gain in appetite, but had recently eaten. Absolutely no anxiety, would even say it might be useful for relieving it.

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